Sweet Water Supply in Dubai:

We supply sweet water in tankers for offices, homes, villas, swimming pools refilling etc. Especially, in a city like Dubai where the hot and humid weather makes it essential for its inhabitants to find ways to cool down which leads to extensive use of sweet water and swimming pools alike. We at Dubai Water Tankers, provide our services so that you don’t have to worry about anything, with our expert knowledge on water hygiene, we let you enjoy all your precious moments with your loved ones without having to worry about anything. We, have many clients, to whom we provide our services and they all have been a fan of our work. At, Dubai Water Tankers we strive for the satisfaction of customers because it is absolutely vital for us to take care of our customers. So, avail our services in Dubai and let us take care of all your water needs.

Swimming Pools Refilling:

There are several types of swimming pools refilling services that we provide, i.e Outdoor pools refilling, Competitive pools refilling, Hot tubs and Spa pools, Gym pools and public pools. There are pools that are located indoors as well and often have a heating system attached to it but due to lack of exposure to sunlight this water can turn as infectious as sewage water. Thus it becomes vital to take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of its water. So it’s always necessary to replace the old water with fresh water and that’s where we come in service. We provide sweet water in tankers for your indoor pools as well along with all other pools.

Saltwater supply in Dubai

We Dubai Water Tanker also offers saltwater supply in Dubai. Saltwater is mainly used for construction sites and labor camps, as well as restaurants etc for different purposes.


Dubai Water Tankers:

Dubai Water Tankers is a supplier of Sweet water in Dubai. We provide sweet water in tankers of various capacities, i.e 1,000 gallons, 1,500 gallons, 2,500, 3,000 gallons, 5,000 gallons, 10,000 gallons and even more. The supplied Sweet water tanker can be used for swimming pools refilling, offices, villas, etc. For us, it doesn’t matter at all that where the pool is located, whether it is an outdoor pool, gym pool, public pool or even and indoor pool, Dubai Water Tankers provide its services at all places in Dubai. As we all know, that over time water that is used in pools is often left unfiltered and unhygienic which can lead to serious fitness problems. Contaminated water can be ingested which can lead to further detrimental consequences for its users.

Our sweet water supply in Dubai is very well treated and filtered according to international standards. Water, if left untreated for long can house some serious diseases such as Brain-eating amoeba, which modern science has no known cure for. According to a study by the US National Library of Medicine (National Institutes of health) Viruses are a major cause of water-borne diseases and swimming pools are a hotspot for such know diseases. Time and time again we have heard of the Dengue virus which is carried by mosquitoes and has origins in the sub-continent. The dengue virus is born when water is left to collect and it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes which leaves its larvae in the contaminated water which then leads to an outbreak of dengue-carrying mosquitoes. There are numerous water-borne diseases that have had its period of major outbreaks around the globe but were put down eventually. But, there are diseases which are still actively found in swimming pool water around the globe and these diseases have no known cure, so, in light of all these various threats which are related to contaminated water it is essential that we take care of ourselves and be vigilant of our surroundings because more often than ought we turn a blind eye to these threats which then lead to negative consequences for us and our loved ones.



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